HPHT Diamond Suppliers in India

HPHT Diamond Suppliers in India

What are HPHT Diamond?

HPHT stands for high pressure and high temperature. It is a method of applying HPHT to those diamonds that are not fully crystallized ("premature diamonds") when released from fiery, erupting volcanoes.This process brings the diamond to its most mature, desirable, colorless state.

HPHT diamond growth occurs within enormous pressure cookers called cubic presses, which can exert in excess of 70 metric tons. To grow a diamond in a cubic press, small diamond seeds are carefully placed into the bottom of a growth cell. A layer of additional carbon, in form of graphite, is then delicately placed on top of the diamond seeds. The growth cell is then placed into the center of the cubic press and heated to 1,500 degrees C while being subjected to 1 million psi of pressure, which is approximately 70,000 times the pressure at sea level!. We are the best HPHT Diamond Suppliers in India.

At that temperature and pressure, the graphite in the growth cell is melted into a liquid and then very carefully cooled into our favorite form of carbon, a diamond crystal.

How are they made?

 HPHT diamonds are made using one of three manufacturing process: a belt press, the cubic press, and the split-sphere (BARS) press. All of these processes create an environment of extremely high pressure and temperature conducive to diamond growth.

An HPHT diamond begins as a small diamond seed that is placed into carbon. Using one of the manufacturing processes above, the seed is exposed to temperatures of about 1500 degrees Celsius and pressurized to approximately 1.5 million pounds per square inch.

The pure carbon melts and starts to form a diamond around the starter seed. It is then carefully cooled to form a pure carbon diamond.

At EcoGrown Diamond, our unique, proprietary Real Grown Process and total quality control result in a much more natural looking diamond than any other lab created diamond available on the market today. It's a difference even the untrained eye can see. Most lab-grown diamonds have a pink, green or blue cast. Eco Grown Diamond has a natural very faint yellow cast just like the diamonds found in nature.Hence we are rated as the top HPHT Diamond Suppliers in India.

At Eco Grown Diamond, we are simply re-creating the conditions in nature that result in carbon crystallizing into diamond. Because our Real Grown Process is very similar to natural growth, there are still variations in color and clarity of grown diamonds. Not all lab grown diamonds are colorless and flawless. This means, just like in nature, no two lab created Eco Grown Diamond are alike. Each is unique and one of a kind. Think of it as nature improved. Eco Grown Diamond …a better diamond for a better world. We are therefore known as the most trusted HPHT Diamond Suppliers in India.

Diamonds can be grown in two ways. The first is called High Pressure-High Temperature (HPHT) and the second is called Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). Each process is best suited for certain sizes, shapes, and colors of diamonds.